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Coronavirus COVID-19

The Isle of Canna’s community response to COVID-19

(Updated 9th August 2021)

The Isle of Canna is a small and remote community of 18 people. We have few facilities, are distant from medical support and have elderly and vulnerable residents.

During the current pandemic, we continue to work together as a community to ensure our own health and wellbeing, and that of visitors too, as we move through to the next phase.

We still require your help to do this and whilst visitors are welcome, we ask that you pay particular attention to hand hygiene and social distancing. 

What’s available

Yachts and other boats


Paying for moorings: if you are using one of the community moorings, payment of £15.00 per night can be made via Paypal – address ‘theisleofcanna@gmail’, via the website link at the bottom of the website or with cash in Canna Community Shop.

For yachts and other boats, further information and updates can be found at:

What we are asking you to do



If the situation or advice changes, we will update this information.

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