Isle of  Canna Development Trust Press Release

August 20th 2019

The community has received many enquiries in the wake of media reports concerning proposals by MOWI to construct a salmon-farm and facilities on and offshore from the Isle of Canna.

Although MOWI have not submitted formal plans or applications, they have approached us and we have met with their representatives.

Our decision as to whether we support these proposals will depend on many factors.  Not least is our wellbeing and future as a community, but also the wellbeing of Canna’s cultural and natural heritage.

We will not be rushed into a decision on a matter that has such important long-term consequences.  We will take the time and space we need, taking on board the facts and the opinions of the many other organisations and people who have something to contribute to the debate.

Once our community is ready to confirm our conclusions we will do so in due course.